September 2020

AEG Bat Group

You might remember from  May that we have started up a bat group.  It’s being coordinated by Malcolm Secrett, Zoe Lavin-Miles, Jan Hindle and Rick Battarbee.  There are now approximately 30 members in the group.  They are beginning to compile records of sightings in the village this year and Malcolm has started to make a village bat map.

The base map can be switched to and from satellite view by clicking the small square at the bottom left of the left hand panel. Zoom in and click a marker and the details will appear on the left. You can also see where the West Yorkshire Ecology Service recorded bats a few years ago, just click the square beside ‘WYES historic record – Addingham’.

Please let the group know where and when you see a bat, just send the details – date, time and location – to Malcolm at and he’ll put it on the map.  The next steps are to identify the different species of bats and work out where they roost.  So far using electronic bat detectors there are positive IDs for common and soprano pipistrelles, and a noctule.   Finding roost sites is not easy.  Suggestions of where to look would be gratefully appreciated.

Plans for the future include evening bat walks and a photographic competition.  Malcolm has been experimenting with camera settings. Here’s one of his best so far! 

If you’d like more information on bats, take a look at the Bat Conservation Trust website at