Re-use & Refill

What do you do with your empty bathroom bottles and jars, empty washing up liquid bottles, empty detergent bottles? Rather than recycling them consider re-using them. It makes sense, buy once use many times.

If each household in Addingham, refilled just one bottle/container each month the village could save more than 19,000 bottles a year going to recycling or landfill!

1  Craven Heifer;   2  The Swan,   3  Ginger Plum,   4 The Sandwich Shop,   5 Hamiltons 

Sadly, the village lost the Pura Eco shop in September 2022. The owner is now offering a consultancy service for businesses wishing to source local and natural products

There are several other places offering refill services:

Plastic Free Silsden – Pop Up Refill Shop Silsden Methodist Church 

09:30 to 11:30 1st Saturday of the month .Take your empty containers to purchase washing up liquid, shower gel, laundry liquid, anti-bac liquid soap and surface cleaner, fabric conditioner and toilet cleaner.

Waste Not Ilkley, 5 Wells Road LS29 9JB  

Refill household cleaning and personal care products, plus a range of wholefood dried food products (take your own containers or paper bags are supplied).  A click and collect and a delivery service is available:

Steep & Filter  Otley Street, Skipton BD29 1DZ

An independent coffee shop, greengrocer and refill store (with a good range of household products and dried foodstuffs).


for household cleaning & personal care products. Buy direct  Their products are produced locally in Cononley by the Friendly Chemical Company.  The Silsden Pop Up, Waste Not and Steep & Filter all stock Miniml products.