Village Walks: Points of Interest

Zero Carbon: Points of Interests

The need to address the world’s climate change challenge gathers pace week by week.

Where better to start than here at home?

What can we do as individuals, households, the village to reduce our carbon emissions? There are 6 Points of Interest (POIs) around the village demonstrating what is being done and what could be done.

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Map POI Place Theme
1 Chapel Street Electric vehicle charging point
2 St Paul’s Rise Domestic solar panels
3 New Town Allotment Peat free compost (Did you know that peat bogs contribute more to carbon capture – sequestration – than the whole of the world’s rain forests?)

The story of plot 8b

4 Church Field 15 – 16 May 2021 only         Solar panels.       Solar quiz.       Electric cars and bike
5 Low Mill Hydro Electric power?



Addingham in 2069