October 2020

Over the last few weeks the Environment Group has re-started work on the Primary School wetland nature reserve.  The project was in full swing in March earlier this year when it had to be abandoned due to the covid lockdown. 

The plot of land is in the north-east corner of the school grounds and was formerly used, when the school was a Middle School, for high jumping and long jumping.  After clearing patches of brambles and removing buried pieces of astroturf and concrete, contractors were brought in to create a series of wetland hollows of different depths.

During the lockdown period the hollows became overgrown so our volunteers have been clearing them.  Two will become permanent ponds.  The liner for the bigger of the two has just been installed and the basin should fill with rainwater over the coming months.  A little more work is needed but everything will now be ready for the children to plant wetland wildflowers, such as meadowsweet and yellow flag, in the hollows next spring.  Eventually the pond should support populations of frogs, newts and dragonfly nymphs.  This wetland reserve will not only add to our village wildlife but also become an important resource for learning, young (and old).