June 2020

June 2020

Wildlife photo competition

We’ve had a terrific response to our wildlife photo competition with over 100 photos being submitted by the deadline of May 31st.  Judging will be taking place soon with winners announced towards the end of June.

Trees and TPOs

Whilst we’ve been planting trees in recent months to create hedgerows and woodlands of the future we’ve also been working on a project involving our very much larger and older well-established trees, especially those covered by Tree Protection Orders (TPOs).  Some time ago on our behalf Mark Penny used the TPO records for the village held by Bradford Council to create a database containing information on tree species, location and date of registration of all TPOs in the parish.  Malcolm Secrett has now used Mark’s database to produce an interactive map in Google My Maps showing the location of the different trees.  Here’s a fragment of the map showing TPOs in the grounds of the Old Rectory.

Meanwhile Nicky Vernon, Heather Burrow and Jan Hindle have been checking these trees out on the ground.  We’re interested to find out which trees have been lost (quite a few have!) and whether they have been given the correct botanical names (some haven’t!).  We also intend to obtain more information about them including their height and girth.  

There are many other interesting trees in the village that are not protected, so our next step will be to identify those that should or could be added to the list or that otherwise could in some way be regarded as “notable”.  We welcome suggestions!  Please send them to aeg@addingham.info