Jumble Trail

The Environment Group ran a village Jumble Trail in September 2021. It is planned that this will become an annual event 

50 households signed up for it. The objective was to see how many unwanted goods could find new homes in the village rather than sending them to recycling or landfill.

Click here to download the map of the households taking part. The numbers on the map suggested a possible walk around the village where you can browse the various stalls. Stalls varied in size from small tables to a gigantic table (10 metres long!) at the Scout Hut.

The charities that were supported (in addition to Addingham Civic Society Environment Group) included:

Age UK

Animal welfare in West Yorkshire

Aireworth dogs in need

Jaime’s Journey

Self Help Africa


Over £500 was raised for the Civic Society Environment Group, a tremendous achievement!

Some examples of sale items were: