Environment Weekend 2021

Addingham Environment Weekend 

15th and 16th May 2021

Addingham 2069

as envisaged by James McKay

The weekend  was a family friendly, COVID-safe, outdoors event of self-guided walks with activities and demonstrations.

Click here to download an advertising poster. 


While every care is being taken in the preparation of this weekend, please note that Addingham Civic Society does not accept any liability relating to personal injury, illness, loss or damage to personal property or any other unforeseen events that might occur.


Download the village walk map (see below) to start anywhere in the village.

The Headquarters was Church Field.  Click here to see a map

There was also an Information Point at Burnside.  Click here to see a map


10 am until 4 pm on both days anywhere in the village, but headquarters in Church Field was not open until 12 noon on Sunday

Self-guided walks

These can be downloaded and printed off or used interactively by smartphone or similar device.  Information about each point of interest can be found by scanning QR codes or clicking on points on the maps.  

1.  Village Walks

Make up your own walks based on the points of interest shown on our multi-themed map. They all relate to one of our four major village environment themes of wildlife, water, carbon, and waste.  

Use your smart phone to scan the QR codes and find more information. Click here to download the multi-themed map.

2.   Environment Walk

The Environment Walk follows a circular route starting at Burnside and taking you out into the countryside to the west of the village via the Bracken Ghyll Golf Course and Lower Marchup.  It includes 17 points of wildlife and water interest. Click here to download the Environment Walk map and guide and use the QR codes to find additional information about each point.

For a ‘flying’ video overview of the Environment Walk Click here. It’s best viewed at full screen.

3.   Water Walk

The Water Walk also starts at Burnside but takes you through the village via High Mill and Church Field down to Low Mill and back.  There are 16 points of watery interest. Click here to download the Water Walk map and guide and use the QR on the maps and on the posters to find additional information about the individual points.

For a ‘flying’ video overview of the Water Walk Click here. It’s best viewed at full screen.

Activities and Demonstrations

Most but not all took place in Church Field.Timings varied and not all activities are listed below. Click here for a full list with timings.

1   Re-use and recycle gazebo: second-hand books on sale and a recycle quiz (Church Field)

2   Display of electric cars and bikes (Church Field)

3   Solar panel display and quiz (Church Field)

4   Freshwater life under the microscope gazebo (Church Field)

5   Insect larvae from the river (Church Field)

6   Signal crayfish gazebo (Church Field)

7   River level recorder (Burnside)

8   Environmental allotmenteering (Newtown allotments 8b) – restricted times only

9   Family picnics (bring your supplies and find a spot in Church Field)

Programme and timetable of events

A booklet providing all information was free to pick up at the village post office (100 Main Street) and Hadfields (124 Main Street). 

Health and Safety
  • Stay Covid safe and follow National Guidelines
  • Observe road safety guidelines
  • Beware of natural obstacles
  • Give farm animals a wide berth
  • Keep your dog on a lead
  • Take your litter home and separate items for recycling