Village Walks: Points of Interest

Wildlife: Points of Interest

If you’re out and about in the village do keep your eyes out for interesting signs of wildlife and wildlife habitat.  We have compiled a list of things to see and where to see them as “Points of Interest” or “POIs”.   

Click here to download a multi-themed map

Most of the points of interest are individual sites. Here is the full list

Map pin Place Theme
1 Burnside & Main Street Summer visitors  – the Common Swift
    The amazing life of swifts
2 The Old School Site The old school rewilding
    Old school butterflies
    All about brambles
3 Back Beck Lane Bats about Addingham
    Facts about bats
4 Around the school footpath School woodland footpath
    School woodland timeline
    School woodland birds
5 Hen Pen Garden Bumblebees & gardens
    All about bumblebees
6 Old Station Way Making space for nature – Old Station Way Meadow
    No Mow May!
    Bumblebees & wildflowers
    All about bumblebees
7 Newtown Allotment – plot 8b Open for Environment Weekend 2021 only. 

The story of plot 8b

8 The Gala Field Making space for nature – wildflower bank & tree planting
    Memorial Rec & Gala Field Management Plan 
    All about brambles
9 The Scout Hut Making space for nature – new hedgerow
    Memorial Rec & Gala Field Management Plan 
    Hedgerows – wildlife havens
10 Memorial Recreation Ground Making space for nature –  Recreation Ground
    Planting on the MUGA bank
    Memorial Rec & Gala Field Management Plan
    No Mow May!
    Be nice to nettles!
11 Hoffman Wood Field  Making space for nature – Hoffman Wood Field 
  (Ilkley Road gate) Hedgerows – wildlife havens
    ‘Hedgehog hotspot’
12 Hoffman Wood Field  Making space for nature – Hoffman Wood Field
  (Church Street gate) No Mow May!
    ‘Hedgehog hotspot’