Village Walks: Points of Interest

Wildlife: Points of Interest

If you’re out and about in the village do keep your eyes out for interesting signs of wildlife and wildlife habitat.  We have compiled a list of things to see and where to see them as “Points of Interest” or “POIs”.   

Click here to download a multi-themed map and click here to see an article published by the Yorkshire Dales Society in October 2023 showing our key sites in the village

Most of the points of interest are individual sites. Here is the full list

Map pin Place Theme
1 Burnside & Main Street Summer visitors  – the Common Swift
    The amazing life of swifts
2 The Old School Site The old school rewilding
    Old school butterflies
    All about brambles
3 Back Beck Lane Bats about Addingham
    Facts about bats
4 Around the school footpath School woodland footpath
    School woodland timeline
    School woodland birds
5 Hen Pen Garden Bumblebees & gardens
    All about bumblebees
6 Old Station Way Making space for nature – Old Station Way Meadow
    No Mow May!
    Bumblebees & wildflowers
    All about bumblebees
7 Newtown Allotment – plot 8b Open for Environment Weekend 2021 only. 

The story of plot 8b

8 The Gala Field Making space for nature – wildflower bank & tree planting
    Memorial Rec & Gala Field Management Plan 
    All about brambles
9 The Scout Hut Making space for nature – new hedgerow
    Memorial Rec & Gala Field Management Plan 
    Hedgerows – wildlife havens
10 Memorial Recreation Ground Making space for nature –  Recreation Ground
    Planting on the MUGA bank
    Memorial Rec & Gala Field Management Plan
    No Mow May!
    Be nice to nettles!
11 Hoffman Wood Field  Making space for nature – Hoffman Wood Field 
  (Ilkley Road gate) Hedgerows – wildlife havens
    ‘Hedgehog hotspot’
12 Hoffman Wood Field  Making space for nature – Hoffman Wood Field
  (Church Street gate) No Mow May!
    ‘Hedgehog hotspot’