Environment Walk: Points of Interest

Environment Walk: Water Points of Interest

We have created an  Environment Walk out into the countryside to the west of the village which combines Points of Interest  (POIs) for “Water” and “Wildlife”.  Click here to download a copy of the walk. 

The links below provide additional information about each of the sustainable water POIs. For more information about the wildlife points of interest click here

Map POI Place Theme
1 Burnside River level recorder, trout, grey wagtail, vegetation
2 Old First  School Site Back Beck and Children’s access steps
3 Golf Course Pond Ponds, aquatic vegetation, frogs
4 Water Conduit to Bradford Drinking water supply history
5 Addingham Waterworks Drinking water supply history
6 Lower Marchup Headwater, septic tank, tree planting
7 Marchup Beck Stepping Stones Confluence with Darkwood Beck
8 Big Meadow Drive Flood control impoundments
9 Townhead Alder trees
10 Wells Cottage Riparian greenspace, tree planting