Climate Action

November 16th 2023. Village Open Meeting “How Green is our Village: one year on”.  Click here for the poster

Click here for the Programme

The Civic Society has joined forces with the Parish Council to set up a working group on Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss. It’s called Climate Action Addingham (CAA),designed to explore ways in which we as a village can address these global challenges and move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 

A range of initiatives is being planned aiming to help residents reduce waste, reduce carbon footprints, use water wisely and protect nature. CAA supports the Wharfedale Greenway.

To see the Terms of Reference click here

To see a video made by Harry Tennant about Climate Action Addingham shown at the launch of CAA on November 3rd 2022, click here

To see a slideshow about the work of the Environment Group shown at the launch of CAA, click here

Here are some pictures from the launch.