We began recording birds in the village in 2017.  We now have over 30 observers contributing their sightings to our birds co-ordinator.  We are consequently building a good picture of the species that are seen in the village and in the wider countryside around the village.  The species seen are reported in our annual reports from 2018 onwards.  In 2020 we supplemented the data collated from sightings sent in by residents with data from organised monthly walks along fixed routes (or transects).  Data from two such transects are shown in the 2020 report.  A further two are planned for 2021.  In 2021 we also began a project to identify swift nesting sites.

View the reports:       The 2020 report

                                      The 2019 report

                                      The 2018 report

                                      The 2017 report