The 4Becks Project: grant success

Over the summer our 4Becks project received a major boost when together with the Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust (YDRT) we were awarded a grant of £20,000 from the Wharfe Levy Fund to study Addingham’s history of flooding and how we can make the village less vulnerable to flooding in future.  The funds will go primarily towards the appointment of a Project Officer who will lead the project and work on it with us and the Parish Council over the next nine months.  One of the first tasks is to carry out a flooding survey focussing primarily on the severe flooding event that occurred on Boxing Day 2015 and how it affected householders and businesses throughout the village.

If you experienced flooding directly at your property, whether from becks overtopping their banks, water rising up through the ground or water flowing down a road or hillslope, we would be grateful if you could fill in a Becks Flooding Questionnaire and send us copies of any photos that were taken on Boxing Day 2015.  Please click here to download the questionnaire or here to fill in the questionnaire on line.