The 4Becks Project: checking Lumb Ghyll Beck riverflies

We’ve been checking out Lumb Ghyll Beck looking for a good site for riverfly sampling with Steve and Christine Cheetham.  Looks like we’ve found one!  This site is excellent, teeming with mayfly nymphs and freshwater shrimps, a sure sign of good quality water, better indeed than Town Beck.  Lumb Ghyll Beck is one of the becks in our Addingham 4Becks Project that has recently been funded by the Environment Agency’s Wharfe Levy Fund. The other two becks are Back Beck and Wine Beck, and Steve has kindly agreed to monitor riverfly populations for us in all four, although we still need to find a good sampling site on Back Beck.  Thanks to Steve, and also to Judith Wallbank for allowing us access to her land