Hedgerow Project with the Cubs

Our hedgerow project with the cubs is beginnings to take shape. A couple of weeks ago we walked together along the Southfield Hollow Lane with Heather Burrow identifying trees and hedge plants. We talked about medieval farming systems, how old the hedge was and how this part of the village could be threatened by future housing development.

Then on Tuesday this week with Ramon Porter’s help we planted hazel, hawthorn, dogwood and dog rose in a corner of Alison Jennings’ allotment ready for transplanting later in the year.  I think the cubs enjoyed putting in the plants, but probably enjoyed best filling watering cans using the old hand pump.

The plan is for the cubs to look after these plants over the summer and then plant them out in the Memorial Hall Field together with a large batch of plants that will arrive courtesy of the Woodland Trust in autumn.

Hedgerows are important for wildlife but many, including some along the boundaries of our public green spaces, are in a poor state of repair. We can start to improve them by filling in gaps to connect the fragments together and provide green corridors for bees, butterflies, birds and small mammals, not least hedgehogs!

Our thanks to all the cubs, to Akela Maz Jennings and her leaders, to Ramon Porter for supervising the planting out, to Heather Burrow for her botanical advice, to Simon Tennant and the Parish Council for giving permission to work on the Mem Hall Field and most of all to Alison Jennings for allowing us to use a corner of her allotment