Fungi and the Brownies

Posted by: Don Barrett at 16:01, November 19 2017.

First Addingham Brownies and the Addingham Environment Group
On Monday 30th October 2017, our resident expert, Peter Miller, engaged 25 enthusiastic Brownies with his introduction to the wonderful and, often surprising world, of “FUNGI”.  He writes:
“The Brownies learnt that fungi are neither plants nor animals but a diverse group of organisms that includes mushrooms, moulds, mildews and yeast with an estimated 1.5 million species in the world. They are both the oldest and the largest living organisms on earth.
The girls then looked at a range of mushrooms collected locally in the village. To demonstrate their life cycle a ball of wool was used to represent a spore and this was gradually unravelled around the hall to show how the threads (mycelium) can grow to great lengths. The Brownies also designed and decorated cards on the theme of mushrooms, showing off their artistic (and biological) talent. Inside all cards, they included the important reminder …..“ALWAYS wash your hands after touching fungi”
The evening finished by tasting some home-made (cultivated!) mushroom soup!”
Thanks to Peter, Pam (mushroom soup maker), Gill M (Brown owl) and Gill B (photographer)