Creating a wildflower meadow on Skipton Rd. September 2017

Posted by: Don Barrett at 16:17, September 24 2017.
Creating a wildflower verge on Skipton Road September 2017
Following on from the wildflower initiative taken by Garden Friends on Old Station Way, we have now started work on the banking on Skipton Road at its junction with the bypass.
As agreed earlier in the year the banking had remained uncut through the growing season. A couple of weeks ago at our request, it was cut back by Bradford Council and last Saturday (16th September) we cleared the bank of the cuttings and sowed yellow rattle seed. We now need to manage the cutting regimes, weed out docks and add more wildflower seed, especially things like knapweed and ox-eye daisy. It will take time but eventually, it should become attractive not just to passing motorists but also to passing bees and butterflies.
Thanks to everyone who helped.